Mariel Rodriguez: Robin Padilla got rid of snoring in one day

It tormented him his entire life!

by Neil Baldwin, The Herald

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Hi! I am about to reveal a small secret today. One of our most bothersome problems was solved: Robin got rid of snoring!

Me and Robin
As you all know, we have been together since 2010. Of course it hasn’t been easy. We have experienced many problems throughout our marriage. But love justifies anything a person does, and can help overcome any problems.

Love can help us overcome any problems

SNORING was ruining our family life
When we started living together more than 5 years ago, an obstacle appeared, and quite a big one – Deafening SNORING! I couldn’t sleep at all next to him. Obviously the snoring problem runs in his family - his father and brother also snore.

Robin and brother Rommel Padilla

He tried many times to get rid of this, shall we say, habit. He took pills, underwent acupuncture. NOTHING HELPED
He heard about some nasal clamps and tried them. He stopped snoring, because he stopped sleeping. It’s impossible to sleep with a plastic peg up in your nose!

In his defense, Robin claimed that many people snore. At least 30% of men and 25% of women. He also claimed that Dolphy Quizon snored terribly. In fact his wife Zsa Zsa Padilla had to sleep in another bedroom with good sound proofing.

But for me, that changed nothing. Dolphy‘s wife may have slept wherever she liked, but I wanted to sleep with my husband! When I read that just in the US, 3000 people die of sleep apnoea every year, I realized it was time to do something about it.

I insisted that Robin underwent snoring treatment immediately. After all, just in the US, 3000 people die of it!

At first, my arguments didn‘t work on Robin at all. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was the main reason, although it wasn't the single reason, why we lived separately for several months. But finally we decided to search for solutions to our problems together. And we admitted that one of those problems was snoring.

Robin absolutely refused throat surgery, because he was scared that he could lose his voice.

Pills and doctors again – again with no success Robin openly refused the surgery. It seemed we had reached an impasse and Robin’s deafening snoring resounded in the house every night...

The Salvation...!

At a cocktail party we met one of my girlfriends – actress Bianca Gonzales. During the conversation she mentioned that she finally had peace and quiet at night – her husband had stopped snoring. At that moment I must have looked like a hound on the scent of prey.

“How did you do that?“ I asked, trying to control my voice.
One of my friends who knew about J.C. problems gave me a special spray. He said it is enough to spray it once or twice before going to sleep, and profound (and silent!) sleep throughout the entire night is guaranteed!
Bianca, I need that, please tell me its name! Robin snores like a trombone!

And so she promised to message me the details… She kept her promise, and then, after a few weeks, a bottle of this snoring remedy found its way into my hands!

We found out about the amazing Good Niter spray from Bianca Gonzales

That night Robin sprayed it into his mouth twice. It was our first night without snoring! Since then that deafening nightmare has been gone for good. He always uses it before sleep and sleeps like a baby. Since Good Niter is made from natural components only – Peppermint oil extract, Lemon Balm extract, Sagе extract, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E – I needn’t worry about his health. The effect of the spray is based on relaxing the throat, relieving the cramps in the throat’s muscles. These cramps are caused by various factors but Good Niter resolves the unwanted contraction of the throat and helps everyone who’s prone to snoring.

Now all of Robin’s mornings are good, just like the mornings of any man who has slept well at night.

Thanks to the Good Niter spray, our every morning is the best one yet!

Finally, as I found out from my fans, the Good Niter spray was certified in the USA and is legally distributed through the official webpage of the distributor.

The Good Niter Spray

Love yourself and your family, protect them and help them. Good luck!

Forever yours, Mariel


Thank you for the great article! All they say here is true! We have tried it! Good Niter helped my husband too. The snoring disappeared. We fought it for ten years!

I found out about this spray about a year and a half ago. They brought it for me directly from America. It helped my husband instantly!

I don't have any contacts in the United States. How can I get it? Please, help me! I really need it, I snore terribly :(

Trisha, read carefully what’s written in the article. This spray is certified and they sell it here too, but only online, as far as I know. You can order it at the official webpage. And the product comes with FREE SHIPPING! I ordered it myself a week ago. It has really helped me. Good luck to you too!

Thanks, Crisanto :) I really hadn’t noticed the information about the official webpage. I am ordering it!

Trisha, by the way, I am single :)). 29 years old. How old are you? Where are you from? I am from Baguio City

Very satisfied! I am only 24, but sometimes I snore awfully. But that’s over now! I don’t have to be ashamed to take a nap on the train or on the plane anymore:)

I bought it for my husband. It works great. I suffered for 30 years and so did he – always sleepy and frowning.

Girls, how much is it? Medicine is always so expensive!

Firstly, you shouldn’t skimp on medicine. Medicine isn’t something to save money on. Secondly, there is a big discount on it now and the shipping is free. Moreover, there have been warnings that the stock will run out soon... The product will be restocked in one and a half month at the earliest , and at a different price. The demand is really high! So, hurry up!

Thanks, Pearla Salvador! Great answer. I must order it quickly.



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